Monday, 25 September 2017


         this is my suzie and the space nut activity. I had to make the same story but with the important parts in it. I hope you like it.

Friday, 22 September 2017

my rocket

My rocket has a wig it is light brown and it is very fancy like a wave. It has wheels like a bulldozer, the wheels have a protector on the  top of the wheels, that are the colour of  sand and mud combined. The rocket has a body like a beehive it has sea threw light blue octagons on the side of it’s body. My rocket has square eyes as dark as the beautiful sea. It has buttons that are lay out on a rectangle surface that is the colour of the grey Moon. My rocket even has lot’s of buttons like shapes. My rocket is fast like a lightning bolt.

As I walk across the footpath I feel excited and a little bit nervous. ‘I’ve always dreamed of walking into a spaceship” I said to myself. My family, friends and other people are staring at me as  I walk into my spaceship. The rocket starts to count down from the number ten, I get goose bumps. The rocket gets to three and as I stepped on the first step I felt as scared as a child that scraped it’s ankle. I felt as if I was going to die, but I was fine. I got into the rocket and it started to shake like a dog that was freezing and then it blast off! It’s flames ignited.

After I blasted off I saw lot’s of asteroids different sizes and colours. I went past the big humongous star, the Sun. Then I went all the way to Neptune. As I started to land on the big  Neptune my rocket stayed in place and didn’t sink through, I got out of my colourful spaceship and as I stepped out of my rocket I realized that the ground was made out of food and books. I quickly pulled my helmet off and ate some of the food and took some books. After that my rocket blasted off. Neptune was a colourful rainbow.

Afterwards I went to the gas giant Jupiter and there were little spotty aliens! There were 2 Aliens, the first alien was called Spog the second alien was called Bog. Spog said “ what are you ugly things called?” I shouted “I am  not ugly and we are called humans!”  Then I set off very angry. After a while I calmed down and I saw the Dwarf planets. The Dwarf planets were very pretty and small, I went to Pluto  and there was a weird thing, it was called Bob. When I talked to it it did not talk back to me and I shouted “Are you going to talk back to me Bob!” Bob shook his head. So I just got into my spaceship and went back home.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Wednesday, 13 September 2017