Friday, 26 May 2017

problem solving


I learnt how to add numbers in words and numbers.

plane writing

It was a very exciting afternoon on Monday  because when me and all my friends  came in the classroom  Miss Davis said “ okay class we are making paper planes.” The  class was so happy. Before getting our piece of paper  we watched a video about how to make a paper airplane  and how it flies.The  movie said that  force is something that keeps a airplane high in the sky ,but the force is made from the wings on the airplane because the air goes through the  wings very fast which makes the airplane stay up.There’s  thrust and lift, thrust is when the airplane goes up in the sky but the paper airplane’s thrust is from you ,when you throw it. Lift is when it is in the sky. After that we got our piece of paper.

After getting our piece of paper we made our paper planes. Some people followed the instructions  on the video, some people made simple planes and some people made defalcate planes. I made my own version and it worked, after making our paper  airplane  we coloured it in and they all looked fabulous.

I waited anxiously for this moment to arrive, finally we got to have a competition of  flying our paper planes. Some of us were nervous and some of us were excited. I was both of them, but only a little bit nervous.  Miss  Davis said “ we are going to have turns in our group’s, and whose ever the winner out of each group will go to the finals.”  After a while we waited and then Miss Davis said ” let’s start the competition “ first the  blue group went first and Chaun won.Then the purple group went and Troy won. After that the orange  group went and Kelly won. Next my group went and Leigharna won, the last group went after us and  Kitione won. Finally they all versed each other and Kelly won so she got her name under the fake trophy.

After all that fun doing   the competition I felt a little bit sad and anxious in a happy way. I felt sad because I didn’t win, but I was just happy that I got to join in.

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