Monday, 23 July 2018

Keke challenge

This is the video that I did on the Keke challenge. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 2 July 2018


My heart was beating loudly as I sat there hoping Miss Scanlan would say my name. As I stood up before my class I was filled with confidence. Before I knew it words started to blast out of my mouth. I felt so proud of myself.

This is my Mihi story and my Mihi I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

My Hyperstudio movie

Hi my name is Kiarah,
I hope you enjoy my movie about simple machines. Please leave a comment, and please leave a comment about what I can do better.

video writing

Friday, 15 June 2018

Fun day Friday!

“ Yaaaaayyyy! “ The class yelled as Mr Moran screamed “ Fun day Friday!” Mr Moran’s parents came from Hamilton for his Birthday. They brang cake, donuts and muffins it was so yum. First we sung some some wiata, we sang Ko te whea, Au we Rona e, and that’s it. After that Mr Moran said “ When I call your house color go outside.” When we were all outside one of our teachers Miss Scanlan put the candle on the cake.

The candle was so weird because when you put it on the cake it bloomed out like a flower. The candles were on the petals of the flower. The candles were very tiny and the flower was made out of plastic.

Mr Moran started to call out peoples names and that’s when they could get a piece of cake. The cake was so yum. I got it all over my face and it was so funny. Then when everyone was finished eating they had a chance to get chosen for a donut. When people were finished their donuts we all went inside and got our bags.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


In a village next to the highest mountain there lived seven sisters. Every New Year they would make kites because it was the new harvest. The youngest one called matariki couldn't make a kite because she was too young. Matariki was so intelligent and filled with beauty in and out. In 2018 she was old enough to make a kite.

The oldest one made her kite out of the Harakeke bush and it was a beautiful nature green. The second sister made a kite from the Raupo bush and it was a bright orange. The third sister made her kite from the Manuka tree and it was a fantastic flamingo pink. The fourth sister made her kite from the Puriri tree and it was a blood red. The fifth sister made her kite from from the color of the river and fish. Her kite was a shiny silver (Matariki) made her kite from out of shells, grass and many things around her. Her kite was a beautiful rainbow color.

When the sisters finished making their kites they glided up the mountain. When they got to the top they saw that Tawhirimatea (the wind) wasn’t blowing so they tied their kites to the tree and fell asleep.

In the middle of the dark night Tawhirimatea started to blow and the seven sisters kites flew away.

The next morning Matariki woke up in tears because their kites were gone. She said “ our kites our kites where are they.” The six other sisters woke up from the sound of crying. Matariki saw the kites in the sky and said “ look our kites.” Then the oldest sister said “ look Matariki those will be your stars for the rest of your life.” Matariki was so excited.

That’s the story of Matariki.