Friday, 2 June 2017

tamarereti script

Long long ago there was a lake that a fierce taniwha lived in. The taniwha only came out  at night, when the  sky had no stars and it was pitch black. Next to the lake there was a small village  and there was a boy that lived in the village, his name was Tamarereti. He  lived in the  village with all his friends and family. Tamarereti and the villagers were  terrified  of the taniwha. Who ever came out at night the taniwha would eat  them.

One morning the sun came out and the taniwha went down into the deep lake. A few minutes later Tamarereti woke up and his stomach was rumbling he checked in his kete for food but there was no food so excitedly he went out fishing. He got in his waka, got his kete and set off fishing. When he got to his fishing spot he saw that the fish were moving around so he got his fishing rod and put it in  the water. He was so happy because he caught three large slippery fish.

After catching three fish the wind died down and Tamarereti was exhausted so he had a little  sleep. When he woke up he was confused because the waka beached itself. The sky was dark and Tamarereti knew that the taniwha was going to eat him. First  he got his fish, got out of his waka and lit a fire to cook his fish. Meanwhile he knew that he had to come up with an idea. When he was cooking his fish he saw some pebbles glistening on the beach so Tamarereti  got the pebbles off the beach and put as much pebbles as he could find  in his waka.

After putting the pebbles in  his waka he set off drifting in the lake  throwing  the pebbles as hard as he could in the sky. After throwing the pebbles in the sky  he found his way back home, the pebbles helped him and the villagers because that meant that the taniwha wouldn’t come out and they would light up the sky and be the stars. After  coming home he lay on his bed then out of nowhere Ranginui came out and Tamarereti  thought that he was going to get in trouble  but instead he s aid “ you have brang light to the sky, thank you.”The taniwha never came out again.  


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