Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Last week on Wednesday the whole school went to the Hoyts. I was a presenter with my friend Gabby. We went on the bus and it was so fun. The bus was going so slow and it was making sounds like this “Ba boof ba boof!!!!” Finally we got there, but me and Gabby got off first because we had to be there first with all the other presenters. In the Hoyts it was dark but not that dark.

When all of the lights went off everybody screamed so loud that my ears hurt. Some of the movies came on and then it was our turn Gabby was excited and I was nervous even though I did it last year. We got it all right and we were so happy. Our movie was so good that everybody was screaming. I loved all of the movies because they were so cool.

We presented again and it was so much fun the crowd was cheering and I was so proud. I was so hungry that I was starting to get hangry (hungry and angry). After we presented the second time we got on the bus with all the other children from team 3. On the bus I was buddies with my friend Angelica.

On the bus everybody was screaming and playing hand games. Finally we got back to school and it was lunch time. We sat down in the breeze and waited for all the other kids. All the other kids got there and we went to class. When we got to our classroom I rushed inside and quickly got my food.

Monday, 6 November 2017

magic number

this is my magic number activity.

decimal magic number

this is my decimal magic number. I have been learning about decimals and it has been very fun.