Saturday, 31 July 2021

Create Your Own Avatar

Today I was browsing for games, when I came across Avatar Maker. It has many different varieties of face shapes, skin colours, noses, mouths, eyes, hair and clothes. You cant create a whole body, but you can create you face. I tried my best to create myself, but I don't think it went the best. Maybe you should try to create yourself!


Friday, 30 July 2021

Mental Health - Dealing with conflict

We learnt a bit about this last term and now I have just finished this. Even though we are mostly learning about physical health, we are still learning about mental. So I decided to post this. I hope you enjoy and learn something new, please leave a positive comment.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Basketball - Olympic Poster

Today we researched about modern Olympic sports. I chose 3-3 basketball, we also had to answer a few questions. I hope you enjoy and learn something new, please leave a positive comment. 

Image Attribution: NBC Sports


Topic 7 - Acids and Bases

 Topic 7 - Acids and Bases 29/07/21

Task 1

pH Questions:

What is pH? Potential of Hydrogen

How do you measure pH? pH Paper

What is the scale pH is measured on? Acid/basic water is

What pH level does water have? Neutral

What is the most acidic pH level?0

What is the most basic pH level?14

0-6 acidic/becoming weaker

7 neutral

8-14 basic/becoming stronger

All liquids acids or basics

More Hydrogen ions = Acidic 

More Hydroxide ions = Bases

Dissolve in water lose 1 electron and become acid




Colour changes from? Litmus


Dishwashing liquid 


Blue to blue 


Orange juice


Blue to red


Toilet Cleaner


Blue to red


Window cleaner


Blue to blue




Red to red


Lemon Juice


Blue to red

Red no change




Blue to red 




Blue to blue


Distill water


Blue to red 


Apple juice


Blue to red




Blue to blue red to red


Persuasive Writing - Fortnite is an educational game

Persuasive Writing:

Fortnite is an educational game - Agree or Disagree



Introducing topic and game.




Example 1


Example 2


Recap main ideas

Many games are educational, but Fortnite isn’t one of them. Games can be fun, but they also need to be structured and have a purpose. So today I will be explaining about the topic and how it is violent, unhealthy and a waste of money.

Fortnite is very unhealthy. Kids and Adults get addicted to the game, which is unhealthy for all areas of your life/body. It mostly affects your academic, social and maturity skills. Another thing that can be a big problem is sight, it can cause blurred vision and headaches. Although you can connect with gamers on Fortnite, some are 40-50 years old, while others are only 7-10 year old. In a survey on Feb 2020, Fortnite gamers in the USA spent 6-10 hours a day on Fortnite (34%).

People spend too much money on the game. There are a lot of different things that you can spend money on in Fortnite. It teaches kids that it is ok to spend money on dumb things like that. 13,500 v-bucks cost $79.99 alone, 800-2000 v-bucks can buy a costume for your avatar.

Fortnite promotes violence. The game is all about being the last man standing, and in order to do that you have to kill others. Obviously it's not real life, but this promotes the idea to young children that violence is the answer to everything. It also includes guns, knifes and many other weapons.

There are so many other games that can help with your education. Games that aren’t violent, waste of money or unhealthy for your mind. Why not try a game like Minecraft where you can learn to build and work as a team.

WALT: Practise Persuasive Writing

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Valerie Adams - Presentation

Today we learned about Valerie Adams! She is a great sports star and has become famous for her incredible sport achievements. I hope you enjoy and please leave a positive comment.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Youngest Athlete - Olympics

 As most of you may know the Olympics just started a couple days ago, and there are a lot of athletes competing. Ranging from all ages, even 13 year old's! Sky Brown a Great Britain skater, is competing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Although she was born in Japan she is representing the Great Britain. She is one of the youngest athletes to be competing in a multi-sport event. Margery Hinton was the first one to break this record (youngest Britain Olympian), but Sky Brown just takes it by 31 days. Source: Kiwi Kids News

Source:  Kiwi Kids News

This Post was inspired by Sauma, go check out her blog at:

Chapter Review - The Race Across America

 Author: Elisabetta Dami

Title: The Race Across America

Genre: Fiction

This book is about Geronimo Stilton, a mouse that lives in New Mouse City. He runs the most Famouse (famous) News paper on Mouse Island, called “The Rodent's Gazette”. He goes on mysterious, dangerous and tyring adventures. In this book he goes on a bicycle race with his friend Bruce Hyena … Across AMERICA!

Chapter 1:

Geronimo had a stressful day at work and had finished at 6:00 pm, he was exhausted! When he got home he found a package at his front door-step. Geronimo was very excited to open it, but when he did he found… Handle-bars, for a bicycle?! Geronimo wasn’t the type to be sporty, so why would he need bicycle handlebars?... 

Prediction for Chapter 2:

The next chapter is named: “Two Pedals”. So I’m guessing that's for a bike. Maybe he gets another package which has another part of the bike in it.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Extension - Watch This Space

Last Term we focused on Watch This Space, and since there is a new topic this term I decided to post it. I worked with Roman and Petero and our topic was food in space. There is a lot of more information in the slides, so I hope you enjoy and please leave a positive comment.

Wellington Reflection

 2 weeks ago was the start of our term 2 - term 3 holidays. Now it is the end of our holidays, and a lot of us stayed home when others went places. I went to Wellington for the holidays and it was similar, but fun experience. My cousin Braxton, my brother Tevita, my Noni (Nana), and I went to Wellington for a week. We arrived on Tuesday and left on the Tuesday after. In this I am going to be sharing my activities from the time I was down there. 

Tuesday :

On Tuesday our plane left at 10:30 am, and we arrived in wellington at about 11:00 - 11:20 am. Obviously we went to my Nana's house, and had something to eat. After that we went op-shopping and grocery shopping. We had a couple hours of the day left so we just organised and unpacked. 

Wednesday :

On Wednesday we had a day at home, so we basically chilled from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm. When my nana's partner got home we went to BREWTOWN. This is a place where they brew/make beer, but instead of wasting old factories they put entertainment places. Places like trampoline parks, ice skating, arcades, paintball, cafe's and much more. We decided to go ice skating and trampoline park. We had Mc Donalds for dinner (it was delicious).


On this day we went to H2O Xtream! This is an awesome pool place where they have wave pools (every 30 minutes), kid pools, 3 hydro slides, warm and cold pool, lane pools, hot tub and even a cafe. We spent about 3 hours here and it was super fun. Going down the slides over and over again kinda made me dizzy, but it was worth it. 


On Friday we went to mitre 10, because my nana ordered 12 bags of bark... Anyway we planted some lavender in the mud/grass outside of the house. We also went to the park to have a play.. in the rain.


Saturday was Jumperama and Junglerama day. Jumperama is an indoor jump place, with 2 extra bouncy tramps, smaller tramps spread throughout, a basketball hoop, foam-pit and dodge-ball area. Junglerama is an Adventure playland, there are lots of slides ballpits and much more.


This day was another H2O Xtream day.


This was our last day in Wellington so we went to the police museum. We saw crime scenes, police outfits, fingerprint machine, broken car and much more descriptions about cases and police officers. 

I had a very fun week and hope to go in the next holidays :)


 What I Know:

I know that the Olympics were first started in 1896 and only rich males (from Greece) could compete. The Olympics had only few sports and men had to perform naked. They were only held in Greece and no other countrys/continents. They later started allowing women and special needs people into it. 

3 Questions:

Who was the first women to win a gold medal at the Olympics?

What was the first sport ever performed?

How many Olympic games have there been?

What I want to learn about:

I want to learn about the Paralympics, particularly swimming. 

Vesatile Volume

Term 3 - Immersion Assembly

26th of July was the first day of Term 3, and it was also Immersion Assembly. This terms theme is "Healthy Me, Healthy You." Which means we will be focusing on health and fitness.

There was 5 items/movies, but I will be telling you about my favourite 2. 

Team 4:

My first favourite is team 4, they had a clear message, but it was also very funny. They had a classroom setting with a teacher and 4 students. 2 students were very fit and healthy, while the other 2 were the complete opposite. 

Team 5:

Team 5 was a live performance and it was about the Olympics. The country's competing were USA, NZ and AUS. Mrs Stone and Mrs Hill were team AUS, Mrs Hill did a Yoga Ball dance (if that makes sense). Mr Moran and Mr Wright were team USA. Mr Moran did some tricks with hula hoops. Miss Hall and Mrs Va'afusuanga were team NZ, Miss Hall did some amazing gymnastics built with some ribbon dancing.

This term is going to be very exciting and we are not only learning about physical health, but also mental. I hope you follow my blog posts throughout the term. 

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Smart Footprint - Reflection

This term we have been learning about more and more cyber-smart things. This is the reflection on terms 2 cyber-smart challenges, we have been focusing mainly on Smart Footprint. I hope you enjoy and learn something new, please leave a positive comment.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

E hia enei?

This is another one of our maori tasks. We are learning how to saw how many there are.

Friday, 2 July 2021

9 Stars of Matariki

Today is Matariki (Maori New Year), so I did the 9 stars. I hope you enjoy and happy Matariki!


Measurement - Maths

Apart from percentages, decimals, fractions, we have been working on measurements. Specifically area and perimeter. I hope you enjoy and learn something new, please leave a positive comment.m 

Practical Percentages

We have been working on percentages this week. We needed a lot of teaching, but in the end most of us got a brief idea. I hope you enjoy and learn something new, please leave a positive comment.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Topic 6 Science - Bubbles

 Topic 6 - Bubbles

Task 1

Science in Bubbles:

Liquid soap water/ Wand

Blow steady stream air

Layers of air layer of water between two layers of soap

Surround the air and keep it inside

Air helps float

Particle in water makes no bubbles 

Soap helps spread out

All same shape round water layer pull on air inside give bubble round shape

-Task 2-


  1. Caterpillar - make 1 bubble and make smaller bubbles on bottom

  2. Carousel - Make 2 medium sized bubble, small bubbles where bigger bubbles meet

  3. Cube Shape - 2 Medium sized bubble, 4 seet about same size, straw in middle and blow to make cube in middle


Pipe Cleaner - Medium - 4 Pipe Cleaners

Bubble Liquid


  • A set of scales

  • 250ml beaker

  • Calibrated syringe

  • Stirring rod


  • Table sugar

  • Glycerol

  • Kitchen detergent

  • Water


125ml water in beaker

Weigh 5 grams of sugar and mix until dissolved

Add 3mls of glycerol 

Add 10mls of dish wash 


(This isn't the experiment, just some fun things with the bubbles :) )


We are looking at inferring information from texts. We made inferences about images and then went on to read a poem by Langston Hughes.