Friday, 29 May 2020

Thanos questions

Thanos - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where is Thanos from?
a) Whanganui b) The Moon
c) Titan d) Storm

2) What were the infinity stones supposed to do?
a) Decorate the Gauntlet b) Wipe half the universe
c) Destroy the Avengers d) Diamonds prepared for a wedding ring

3) What were Thanos’ daughters' names?
a) Gamora and Nebula b) Blossom and Bubbles
c) Amaya and Raven d) Black Widow and Catwoman

4) What else is Thanos known as?
a) Father b) Idol
c) Mr Goodwin d) Lord

5) Avengers and Thanos once worked as a team.
a) True b) False

6) Why did Thanos want to wipe out half of the universe? 
a) so he could be the strongest alive. b) people would always bow down to him.
c) bring stability to the universes’ resources. d) so he could live forever.

7) Between what years was Thanos said to be born?
a) 1013 - 1018 b) 2018 - 2023
c) 1990 - 1996 d) 1111 - 1114

8) Team Avengers or Team Thanos - which team would you choose?
a) Avengers b) Thanos

9) How did Thanos die?
 -> Thanos grabbed the goblet and then he wiped out all the villains including himself.

10) Explain Thanos’ main objective and what he needed to do:

 -> Collect the infinity stones to bring stability to the universe. 

4 facts about... Thanos!

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Cruella's new car

This is a picture I created of Cruella de Vil's new car, with a dalmation pattern!

Is Cruella de Vil the most evil villain of all time?

Cruella de Vil… Most people think she is the most agonizing and horrible villain of all time. She does make her coats out of poor little puppies, but that's not too horrible, Is it ? A lot of people probably think that it is such a thing that one would never think of. Oh, but all those people are wrong!

I mean she isn’t really a villain, she is in this story, but people do this in real life! That does not make them a villain, it just makes them a horrible, nasty, dreadful and poor person. If you'd ever do that to a dog or any animal, who raised you?! A pack of wolves?

Of course we can’t forget that there are way more dreadful villains than her. There’s: Thanos, Green Goblin, Maleficent, Scar, Hades oh and you can’t forget Superman! Or is he a superhero, cause if he is Batman is way better~.

Cruella de Vil - Questions

Cruella de Vil - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who wrote the original book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
a) Dorothy Smith b) Donald Sanson 
c) Dodie Smith d) Dodie Sanson

2) When was this book written?
a) 2000 b) 1850
c) 1961 d) 1956

3) How could you describe the first 101 Dalmatians movie?
a) Animated b) Live-action

4) Why did Cruella de Vil want the Dalmatian puppies so much?
a) She wanted lots of puppies to make her life more interesting
b) She wanted company
c) She wanted to make a fur coat
d) She wanted to win a world record

5) What are the names of Cruella de Vil’s accomplices?
a) Jasper and Henry b) Jasper and Horace
c) Wallace and Gromet d) Tweety and Sylvester

6) Who did Cruella steal puppies from?
a) Anita Dearly b) Anita Darling
c) Anita Lovely c) Anita Caring

7) What two characteristics are mentioned in the song lyrics about Cruella de Vil??
a) Her hair and her finger nails b) Her eyes and her nose
c) Her lips and her stare d) Her teeth and her eye brows

8) Who should beware of Cruella de Vil, as mentioned in the song?
 a) Children b) Puppies
c) The Prime Minister d) Mr Goodwin

9) Would you like to come face to face with Cruella de Vil? Why or why not?

Yes cause then I get to see how ugly she is.

4 facts

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Crack the Code

Voldemort questions

Voldemort - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is Voldermort’s name given to him by his parents?
a) Tom Hanks b) Tom Riddle
c) Harry Potter d) Ron Weasley 

2) What house was Voldermort in when he was at Hogwarts?
a) Hufflepuff b) Ravenclaw
c)Gryffindor d) Slytherin

3) Who wrote the Harry Potter series?
a) J.F. Kennedy b) J.K. Rower
c) J.K. Rowling d) John Snow

4) Who is the archenemy of Voldermort?
a) Harry Potter b) Hermoine Granger
c) Miss Tuiā d) Neville Longbottom

5) In the Harry Potter movies Voldermort is played by only one person?
a) True b) False

6) Voldemort did NOT attempt to do one of the following things to Harry: 
a) Get the basilisk to bite him b) Get him lost in the maze at the Triwizard Tournament
c) Destroy him when he was a baby d) Trick questions, he tried to do all of these things.

7) Who is said to be the only wizard more powerful than Voldemort:
a) Albus Dumbledore b) Draco Malfoy
c) Severus Snape d) Mr Goodwin

8) What year did Voldemort attend Hogwarts?
a) 1991 b) 2020
c) 1938 d) 1931

9) What do many wizards who are too scared to use Voldemorts name call him?
 -> You know who or he must not be named

10) Describe what a muggle is:
 -> A person who is not conservent with a particular activity or skill.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

MEGATRON at our school!

“YA YA YA YA YA YA YA YAAAA!” I looked out the window to see all of these little robots of some sought. They were chanting to a rhythm of accelerating foot steps, they got louder and louder. It was like they were hypnotised by the stride of this person's foot. Sooner or later the ground started to shake. The stronger the stride the stronger the chant and let me tell you this, the person's stride was unbelievably strong!

I looked out the window once again to just have a tiny glance. While looking around to see what was going on I realised that the “person” wasn’t a person at all! It looked more like a metal tin, it was grey and had a big thing on it’s hand that looked like an orange window. Next thing you know he took a glance at me! I was horrified, I just froze right on the spot.He was still looking at me when I teleported right in front of him. Then he looked straight at me…
“YOUR SMALLER THAN MY LITTLE ROBOT MINIONS!” He shouted, he wasn’t shouting in his world, but in my world my eardrums were broken.
“CAN YOU STOP SHOUTING!” I yelled back.
“YOUR THE ONE SHOUTING!” I thought it would be sore, but by now I was used to it. He was huge and…

These humans are tiny, I mean what could they do, pinch a fly?! I Megatronus, is the best creation in the world. These kids aren’t even the size of my pinkie toe. They would be useless during battle, but do look like great supper. No what am I thinking, if I grab this one right in front of me, she’ll be terrified.
“KMMM!” I cleared my throat.
“Who are you.” I said gently, so this ant wouldn’t get a fright. She paused for a minute.
“O-oh, well I a-am Kiarah!” She said with a shout, her ears must have hurt.
“Good to know.” I replied, these humans are quite friendly unlike my devilish brother….

I was surprised to know that these robots are actually very friendly!...

This story is all about MEGATRON coming to our school! the third paragraph is from his perspective and the rest are from mine.

Google Quiz

Google Quiz

The Google Series – Google Origins and Company Background | Strategus

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Who is Megatron’s original name? 

Question 2) What vehicle does Megatron transform into?
->Walther P38

Question 3) Why was the AllSpark important for Megatron to retrieve?
->He wanted it so he could rebuild his species

Question 4) What is the AllSpark made of? 

Question 5) Who is Megatron’s Nemesis?  Why ?
->His brother Optimus Prime because he is the leader of Auto bots

Question 6) Who was the original voice of Megatron? 
->Frank Welker