Monday, 26 February 2018

Friday, 23 February 2018

the legend of Rahi

Once upon a time there lived a man called Rahi. he had a beautiful wife called Ti ara. One night a enemy tribe kidnapped Ti ara from her whare. When Rahi woke up he realised that Ti ara had been kidnapped. Rahi and his people built a kite to rescue Ti ara, then he got some bird eggs for his journey. The god of wind helped Rahi fly with his kite, but then Te Puhuru the leader of the other tribe cast a spell on the forest so Rahi could not get through. Rahi flew to the ground with his kite and was safe, but he wasn't safe for long because Te Puhuru used the sun to burn Rahi. Then he found shelter under a rock, after a while a taniwha came but lucky that it hated the shade. He finally got to where the bad guys were. Rahi said “ give my wife back!” Then the bad guy said “ never!” Then Te Puhuru through his teeth at Rahi. After that Rahi finally got his wife back.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

rules for Ki-O-Rahi

These are the rules for the game Ki-O-Rahi.

There are two teams Taniwha and Kioma. First rule is that you have to stand on the line and try and score it by throwing it onto the barrel if they do then Taniwha gets a try ,then Kioma has a person running and if the other team gets a try then that person stops at the post that they last touched. Who ever has the most people at their base first wins.

Monday, 19 February 2018


Last Thursday we went to kiwi sport and played Ki-O-Rahi, but we also played another game called Taniwha and Kioma in the hall. Ki-O-Rahi is like ball tag, but it has a lot of different rules. Taniwha and Kioma is a game where if you say taniwha then kioma chases taniwha and if they say kioma then taniwha chases kioma. After we played both of those games we sat down and watched a video about why the game Ki-O-Rahi was made. It was made so you didn't have to fight, whoever got the most points won. After that we answered some questions and went back to class to have a drink of water and do our work.   

Friday, 16 February 2018

omaru creek

Omaru Creek has an awful stench because of the discarded rubbish. It is like a filthy soup that is destroying our environment. It has overwhelming pollution and it has been filled with rubbish. Teamwork can make a differen

ce. Respecting our environment can restore nature to its best. An abundance of animals crowded around me as I jumped into the pristine sparkling water. Omaru Creek is finally clean enough to swim in. Omaru Creek is pure tranquil beauty.