Thursday, 30 January 2020

DAY 3: INVENTIVE INVENTORS Activity 1: Nanogirl

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One of this weeks task was to watch some videos about tiny houses. Then you have to explain if you wanted or didn't want to live in a tiny house.

I would like to live in a tiny house because...
1. It has a lot of storage areas, and places to sit and relax.
2. There are either stairs or a ladder to get up to the bedrooms and I Love stairs.
3. It's kinda like you have your own little tree house, but it is just a house that is little.

Why I wouldn't like to stay in a tiny house...'
1. It is on wheels and that would make me very anxious.
2. it would be hard to find land to live on.
3. It would get very hot.

DAY 2: CRACKING THE CODE Activity 1: Through Careful Observation

This weeks task was to pick one picture out of the two that were to choose from, and then describe what you saw. 

The way that I see this painting is that there is a beautiful city, with a shimmering night sky. The wind was howling, the mountains were growing. Everything was fine until a dark spirit of flames awoken and was ready to destroy the city and everything in it. The flames were big and strong, the city was nothing compared to those flames.
What will happen next?...

Image Attribution: The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is in the Public Domain.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

SLJ Activity 3: Apple vs Microsoft

Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi

In 1886 John S. Pemberton came out with a drink called Coca-Cola that was very successful.
Then 12 years later in 1898 Caleb Bradham came out with a drink called Pepsi-Cola
The rivalry all began in 1898 when Coca–Cola and Pepsi-Cola began to compete to see who made the better tasting drink which soon turned into a legendary rivalry of Soda Wars.
The rivalry takes place mostly in America but also around the world, with each company trying to do better than the other with cheaper drinks and pretty labels.

When Coca-Cola comes out with a drink Pepsi comes out with a drink. Research shows that most people prefer coke more than Pepsi, but who knows.

The Constellation Cup is a cup that New Zealand and Australia fight for once a year.
For 87 years the Silver Ferns and the Australian Diamonds have been in battle with each other to see who can win that cup.
What makes the rivalry even bigger is that these two netball teams are at times the best in the world.
It has been a long rivalry in the netball community with a lot of drama going on each year and when it comes time for the competition there is no rivalry bigger than New Zealand against Australia.
The two teams always give us great entertainment and bring people together to support their teams.
Australia has won the Constellation Cup 9 times in the past 10 years, giving them the advantage of bragging rights.

For New Zealand losing the cup only means they will work harder this year, 2020. The Silver Ferns are coming back.

Ford vs Holden, it goes back a long way all the way back to 1908 when Ford launched the Model T Ford in the US which was then imported to Australia.
It was that car that could go anywhere in Australia and suited Australian conditions. In 1948, 40 years after the T Ford was made General Motors and South Australia “Holden’s” gave Australians pride in driving a locally made car.
Ford came back with a hit in the 1960s with the Falcon. It had that perfect look to it people loved it.
Both car company’s got away with forging their Australian identities with homemade products both of the men’s parents from the US
The pride in Australians and the Holden car started a rivalry where every year Ford and Holden race to see which company is more superior.
The way they do this is by competing in a race of 1000kms around a track on Mount Panorama and the race is called Bathurst 1000. It takes them exactly 9 hours to complete the whole track. After this it is Kiwis vs Aussies, Kiwis win every year.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Day 1 Activity 2: Romeo and Juliet

This morning was an ordinary morning for me. I woke up and made my bed, next I went and made my brother and I breakfast. Then we eat, before we get changed we thoroughly brush our teeth with bubble gum flavored toothpaste. We rinse our toothbrush off and then head to our room to pick the outfit for the day.

Getting dressed in separate rooms we quickly finish up by doing our hair and putting our moisturizer on. Relaxing on the couch watching TV is great, but then our mum tells us to get up and do our chores, so boring!

That's my English morning routine, here is my Shakespearean English version:

This m'rning wast an 'rdinary m'rning f'r me.  I did wake up and madeth mine own sleep chamber, next i wenteth and madeth mine own broth'r and i breakfast.  Then we consume, bef're we receiveth hath changed we th'roughly brusheth our teeth with bubbleth gum flav'r'd toothpaste.  We rinseth our toothbrush off and then headeth to our cubiculo to picketh the outfit f'r the day.  

getting did dress in separateth cubiculos we apace finish up by doing our hair and putting our moisturiz'r on.  Relaxing on the couch watching tv is most wondrous, but then our mum tells us to receiveth up and doth our ch'res, so b'ring!

DAY 1: DRIVING DIGITAL INNOVATION Activity 1: The World Wide Web

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