Saturday, 26 June 2021

60 Second Santa Run

Last time I finished Burger Run and this time I finished Santa Run! It is a santa version of the burger version.This game is a game where you have to break certain blocks to get to the bus stop. At the bus stop a bus picks you up and takes you to another level. To prove that I finished the game I screen recorded it. The link to the game is right HERE.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

About Me Poster - Cyber-smart challenge

We are learning how to advertise ourselves sensibly and properly online. This is another cyber-smart challenge, we have to choose things that are important to us. I chose netball, my culture, books/learning and friends/family. I hope you enjoy and learn something new about me, please leave a positive comment. 


Topic 5 - Flower Power - Science

 Topic 5 - Flower Power

What are we doing:

  1. Know the parts of the flower and what they do and why.

  2. Be able to dissect a flower, arrange its parts and collate on an information sheet.

  3. Complete a scientific diagram of a flower.

  4. Be able to speak about the above.

Your thoughts on flower:

I like them, but sometimes they bring too many bugs. They are pretty and smell nice, but drop their petals everywhere.

What you have noticed about flowers:

They attract a lot of different bugs, but not just bees.

What you know:

Flowers provide lots of pollen.

Parts of the flower:

  1. Stigma-Male part of flower

  2. Style-long tube

  3. Anther-Holds pollen male cell

  4. Pollen tube

  5. Sepal-Green part on the bottom

  6. Thalamus-where you hold the flower

  7. Male Gametophyte

  8. Petal

  9. Ovule-Female part of flower

  10. Female Gametophyte

Education Chart Of Biology For Anatomy Of Hibiscus Flower Diagram Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 80712757.

Dissecting Hibiscus 


Cutting Board

Cutting tool/knife



Remove 1 petal

Remove sepals

Pinch sides bottom

Cut down center of line

Then pull out the pollen tube


Those are just some of the photo's from an awesome trip the extension kids and a few more went on. We went to an awesome company called KPMG! KPMG help businesses all around New Zealand achieve and grow. They gave us an awesome opportunity, and we did heaps of fun stuff.

We first got an awesome tour around the KPMG office, two workers took us, Josh and Alex (they were both really cool!). After that we got sausage rolls, fruit and orange juice for morning tea. We got to learn about one of the helpers passions and life story, then we did some cool experiments. Then we had a yummy lunch, that was one of my highlights. 

The last thing we did was have a quiz the winner got a prize stationary packet. They also gave us some lollies and some stickers. It was a great experience, THANK-YOU KPMG!


Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Kia ora - Maori Task

This is another maori task we did, this is for ways to greet people.

Thinking Critically

We are working on thinking critically, with out work, articles and things that are published online.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Can you get swallowed by a whale?! - Kiwi Kids News read off

This week we are doing a kiwi kids read off, this is where we choose articles and answer certain questions. This article is about A man who claims he got swallowed by a whale.

Tornado in South Auckland


auckland tornado

Tornado in South Auckland

A tragic natural disaster happened in South Auckland. A tornado has struck, and has killed a road worker and injured 2 others. It happened at around 8:30 am on Saturday morning. People have lost their houses, water supplies, electric supplies etc. It is very unfortunate that a person has died, but it is very lucky that everyone else is safe and alive.


Perfect Perimeter

This week we are learning about perimeters, I really like this subject. I hope you enjoy and learn something new, please leave a positive comment.

Prime Minister Covid-19 Vaccine?! - Kiwi Kids News Read off

This week we are doing a kiwi kids read off, this is where we choose articles and answer certain questions. This article is about our prime minister Jacinda Ardern and how she got the covid-19 vaccine. 

Saturday, 19 June 2021

60 Second Burger Run

This is a game that I have tried to win for the past year (on and off) ! I haven't been able to get pass the stages without dying or breaking the wrong block. This game is a game where you have to break certain blocks to get to the bus stop. At the bus stop a bus picks you up and takes you to another level. To prove that I finished the game I screen recorded it. The link to the game is right HERE.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Note Taking/Information Report - Colosseum

 Note Taking - Colosseum 




Battling gladiators staged sea battles and reactiments 

Built by thousands of slaves 

Ordered to be built by emperor vespasian

Made of stone, bricks and concrete 

When complete 50,000 people

8 years to build, vespasian died before finished

It was open by his son the emperor titus  

The first games lasted 100 days free 

1000’s of animals were killed bears,bulls

Criminals executed 

Gladiators most popular

Fought to the combat of the death

Successful gladiators turned into celebrities 

Largest amphitheatre ever built

Tourist attraction

Partiactilly ruined Nearly 2000 years

It is one of the 7 wonders of the world

City of rome ancient stadium

620 feet long 512 feet wide 158 feet tall 12 story building When first built


The Colosseum of Rome is one of the 7 wonders of the world! It was huge, fitting 50,000 people once finished. There are so many fascinating things about it, but I will be telling you about the past, present and gladiators of the Colosseum. 

The Colosseum was ordered to be built by emperor Vespasian. Even though he died, the Colosseum was opened years later by his son emperor Titus. It was built by thousands of slaves and with stone, bricks and concrete. When built it held shows such as: battling gladiators staged sea battles and reenactments.

The Colosseum is the ancient stadium of Rome. It is a tourist attraction, as it is the largest amphitheatre built! Even though it is partially ruined it is nearly 2000 years old. It was 620 feet long 512 feet wide 158 feet tall 12 story building when first built!

Battling Gladiators was the most popular attraction of the Colosseum. The first games lasted 100 days, with 1000’s of bears, bulls (etc.) being killed. They didn’t only kill animals, but also battled each other (to the death). Successful gladiators became celebrities for their success. 

The Colosseum is an artefact and prized possession of Rome. Even though it's old  it's still standing, proving that it was built well. I would love to visit the Colosseum one day!

Why does matter matter

 Why does matter matter?


















Choose a word from the boxes to complete the sentence:

Type answers in blue:

  1. The three basic properties of matter are solids, gases and liquids.

  2. All matter is made up of tiny particles called Atoms.

  3. Volume is the amount of space the matter takes up.

  4. Mass if the amount of matter an object has.

  5. Liquids take the shape of their container.

  6.  Liquids do not have a definite shape or volume.

  7. Gases don’t have a definite shape, but do have a definite volume.

  8. Solids have a definite shape and volume.

  9. A chair and ice are examples of solids.

  10. Milk and Juice are examples of liquids.

  11. Oxygen and Helium are examples of gases.

  12. Solid ice is melting when changing into a liquid.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

The Sun=Our Star - Science

We are learning all about space, this is a task from a couple weeks back that I never got to finishing. It is all about the sun and how it relates to the earth.

The Moon - Science

We are learning all about the science of space, today we learned about the moon.

Tech - Sink or Float

 Topic 4 - Floating & Sinking

Can you explain floating & sinking?

  • Why something floats

  • Why something sinks

  • Why something semi floats

                 Float-Light, full of air

       Sinks-Heavy,No air

Semi float-Some air,heavy/light (50/50)


Buoyancy/Floating and sinking

Light / Positively Buoyant

Weight / Negatively Buoyant

Density-mass=how heavy

Archimedes Principle = Gave us density and buoyancy 

Something heavy needs space

Buoyancy Experiment

Buoyancy Experiment

Purpose: Predict and test the buoyancy of objects.


  • Balls:

  • Marbles

  • Golf Ball

  • Table Tennis Ball

  • Tennis Ball

  • Blocks of materials

  • Wooden Blocks

  • Plastic blocks

  • Polystyrene rectangle

Recording of Buoyancy Experiment

Name of Object



What it’s made of

Float or Sink


Golf Ball

14.8 cm

46.10 grams

Hard plastic



Ping Pong

11.1 cm

2.59 grams

Soft plastic



Small Marble

5 cm

5.15 grams




Big Marble

6.2 cm

22.67 gram





20.5 cm

56.81 grams




Wood block

9.9 cm

18.94 grams




Small Cube

1 cm

7.95 grams





6.7 cm

0.41 grams





1.9 cm

4.59 grams




Plastic Block

3 cm

8.49 grams




Wood Rectangle

14 cm

116.96 gm




Fill bucket with water, measure and weigh each object, put object in water (see of float or sink).