Thursday, 24 June 2021


Those are just some of the photo's from an awesome trip the extension kids and a few more went on. We went to an awesome company called KPMG! KPMG help businesses all around New Zealand achieve and grow. They gave us an awesome opportunity, and we did heaps of fun stuff.

We first got an awesome tour around the KPMG office, two workers took us, Josh and Alex (they were both really cool!). After that we got sausage rolls, fruit and orange juice for morning tea. We got to learn about one of the helpers passions and life story, then we did some cool experiments. Then we had a yummy lunch, that was one of my highlights. 

The last thing we did was have a quiz the winner got a prize stationary packet. They also gave us some lollies and some stickers. It was a great experience, THANK-YOU KPMG!


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  1. Hey kiarah,

    It's me cherish i really like the way that you added photos and explained what you did at kpmg well done keep up the good work.