Saturday, 12 June 2021

Edit the Picture - Kawaii Goddess

 Yesterday I asked my friend Aye to edit a photo of me. I sent her one and she edited it for me, she made a KAWAII GODDESS! Kawaii Meaning-Japanese culture for cuteness, meaning lovable, cute, lovely or adorable. I hope you enjoy and if you like it leave a positive comment :)




  1. Hey Kiarah!

    When you asked me to edit this picture, at first I was confused on what I should do. But then I collected that weird yet amazing long beard and went on from there. I just adore the Emo look you made for me as well!

    -Aye :)

  2. Hello kiarah, my name is Sydney from Wesley intermediate school and that is a real funny post. I liked how your friend had an another idea of kawaii godess.

    anyways have a great day. Byeee

  3. Kawaii goddess yeah ok then... nah i'm just playing later.