Thursday, 10 June 2021

Topic 3 - Trying out Lab equipment

 Topic 3 - Trying out Lab equipment

-Task 1-

Purpose: Measure an exact amount of sugar and dissolve in water to make a solution.


  • A weighing machine

  • Petri dish

  • Table Sugar

  • 2 200 ml beakers

  • Water in pouring container

  • Pipette

  • Spatula

  • Thermometer 

  • Stopwatch 


  1. Fill beaker up to 100ml (Cold Water)

  2. Measure the Temperature of the water (Cold Water)

  3. Take weighing machine and measure 10 grams of sugar

  4. We set the timer to zero and poured the sugar in (cold water)

  5. Then we started the timer and quickly mixed

  6. Once all of the sugar dissolved we stopped the timer

  7. Then we did it all over again (With hot water)


Cold Water - Time to dissolve: 1:32 - Temp: 22 degrees

Hot Water - Time to dissolve: 25 sec - Temp: 80 degrees

 - Favourite part -

My favourite part about this experiment was weighing the sugar, and seeing all of it dissolve. It was very satisfying and I learnt how to measure the sugar, but not including the plate you put it on. 

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