Thursday, 30 April 2020

Volcano in Tinkercad!

A Volcano made in Tinkercad! What is Tinkercad? Tinkercad is an amazing site that helps you make your imagination form into reality. It connects to 3D printers which means that you can 3D print anything you want when you use Tinkercad. Try it today at


This task is all about the 5 layers that make up the Earths Atmosphere.


Who Dunnit? This is a task that requires extra detective skills. Somebody came in early this morning, and then ate all of the treats for the students. Interviews, clues and sneakiness is littered through this task. I have figured it out, but can you?


This is a mystery about the disappearance of my teacher: Miss Parrant. We had to point out the clues of all of the text messages.

Sunday, 26 April 2020


I drew this poppy to show my support to the ANZAC soldiers. Since we can't have the badges this year I decided to draw one.

Decimal problem solving

Thursday, 23 April 2020


These are five facts about poppies.

ANZAC letter

If you have read the letter already your probably thinking, 'What has this kid gone to battle'. No I havn't, but for this task I had to imagine that I was. We had to write a letter to a loved one that we missed, pretending to be an ANZAC soldier.  This is the letter that I wrote.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

ANZAC acrostic poem

This is an ANZAC acrostic poem. Hope you enjoy and happy ANZAC!

Problem solving

Happy ANZAC! Here are some maths problems that I solved.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Five facts

These are five facts about ANZAC biscuits.

ANZAC recipe

This is a slide of the ANZAC biscuit recipe, ENJOY!

Problem solving

This week on Saturday is ANZAC day. These are some maths problems that I solved. They are all about ANZAC Biscuits.

Friday, 17 April 2020

Problem solving

Tom Moore: Five facts

These are five facts about a extraordinary man named Tom Moore. His goal was to walk 100 laps at the age of 99 to raise money for the NHS before his 100th birthday. Why you ask? He said that the doctors/nurses that looked after him while in hospital, were so kind. That's how and why he raised 70,000 pounds in the first 24 hours!

Ideal holidays

This is a picture that I made using only shapes. These are all of the places I love going on holiday. I love going to Wellington and seeing The Beehive Parliament, going to Tauranga to walk up the mountain and swimming at the beach in Tonga.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

The real story...

‘Once upon a time’, wait just before you start to think that I am rewriting a fairy tale, well I'm not. I am creating a better version of the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Anyway back to where I was…

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Little Red Riding hood. Of course we all know this story, she is known for having a red glossy riding hood. Also for baking muffins for her grandma, then finding the wolf ,etc.

The little red head skipped through the woods, with nothing to direct her to her grandmother's house she slowly made her way off the path. Little did she know something was watching her…

“What a beautiful hood and those muffins smell so nice!” Said a voice in the background.

“Who was that?” chirped riding hood.

“It was ME!” A tall skinny shadow came out from behind the tree.

It was the one and only bad wolf, but this time he wasn’t so bad. He started talking to the girl in a soft angel like voice. He was so nice! The manners that this girl had of course she talked back to him I mean who wouldn't. They talked to each other for hours, they even had some tea while eating those muffins.

A little while later the wolf kindly suggested that the red riding hood should go live with him. She said YES with joy in her voice. By now we probably all know that red riding hood forgot about her grandmother. Now this is where the problem comes in, there is no problem solving to this. A week later she joined the wolf pack and became one of them, while her grandmother, lets just say, went up there. Dear old grandmother now was in a better place.

That is the true story of Little Red Riding hood...


This task is all about the number 5635.

5 Facts about the Queen

1.The queen has been the queen for 67.5 years !

2.She was crowned queen on the 2nd of June 1953.

3.She was born at 2:40 am 12th of April 1926

4.She has 4  children

5.She is 93 years old!

Shapes at home

There are a lots of shapes in our homes, and these are just a few from mine. 
Stay safe everybody!