Friday, 24 February 2017



this week my group learned about Marine reserve


On Tuesday my class and teacher called Miss Teleso  went  outside in the shade by the trees to blow bubbles.
First, we got into our group lines and then Miss gave us the bubble wand to share with our group,  we were so excited. Next, we blew  our bubbles and  chased them, they were all colours and sizes. They were rainbow and green  and tiny, small and medium. then , they were falling on our heads and hands.  Last, we got in a line and went to class. It was so fun. My favourite part was chasing the bubbles.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Duffy show

Room 14 and the Junior school went to the hall to see the Duffy show. It was after morning tea, we went to the Duffy show to learn about the environment. First we sang the Duffy song then the show started.

Next Duffy appeared and sat under the shade  reading his  books, all of a sudden the shade started moving side to side. Then a superhero appeared she is called global girl then a storm came and struck a tree and a Koala nearly got burnt.   she saved the Koala. Duffy talked to global girl but she didn’t understand him, global girl said “ are you a superhero to?“ “ no” said Duffy,” I am a human being.”     global girl said “ then come on you are going to be super Duffy” then they  flew to the desert to save the mother  of the desert, when they got there the  mother was said because there were dead roses everywhere and global girl said “ I thought

that i dug some  grass seeds not rose” she was so sad , but Duffy taught her to read and then he became super Duffy and the saved the world.

Jack finds a friend

Once upon a time there was a lonely robot who was made out of junk and he was called Jack.He lived in a junk yard. Jack was looking for a friend, he saw a lost snail made out of a plug then he picked it up, but then her mother came and he was so horribly sad. After that he went for a little walk, then he made a fake friend. Jack talked to it but the fake friend didn’t reply. Jack threw his fake friend then he was so sad again. He climbed up a ugly crushed car,after that he found a plug and connected his hand with the plug, suddenly a blinding flash of light electrocuted him. When he woke up he had a broken arm. He sat on a log and then a girl came and made a noise, Jack looked up and then the girl sat down, the girl robot had the mashing arm Jack said “ let's  hold hands “ the girl robot said “ ok “ they held hands and they lived happily after.

Friday, 10 February 2017

About me

My name is Kiarah I am 7 years old and i am a year 3 student at Pt England School. My teacher is called Miss Davis. She is super lovely. My favourite food is pizza.My favourite sport is netball. I have a dog called musky.