Friday, 27 December 2019

SLJ Activity 3: ‘Dear Jacinda’

Dear Jacinda,
I have come across a terrible and crazy problem...
My family got eaten by a huge banana! It all started when My brother was eating a banana. The banana that he was eating seemed to start growing. Then it grew a face, then legs, then arms and then it was a huge monster. We tried to cut it open with all the knifes in our kitchen, but it was to strong and gobbled the knifes all up. My dad tried to wrestle it and, you already probably know how that went. It was only my mother, brother and I trying to destroy this beast. We tried to fight, then it gobbled my brother and my mother up! I quickly ran away before it could spot me.

Please Jacinda I need your help!
From Ki...

SLJ day 5 Activity 3: Choose your own

Image result for bill english

Simon William known as 'Bill' English has worked as our 39th prime minister from 2016 to 2017. He was also the leader of the national party from 2001 to 2003 and from 2016 to 2018, also serving as leader of the opposition for two terms.

he has helped and even lead lot's of groups. he lost to an election, but he didn't give up. he helped people understand that you should never give up.

Image attribution: Bill English Wikimedia commons.

SLJ day 4 Activity 3: Wise Words

"Never be greedy with money or take advantage of your workers when you grow up." Those are the truthful words that my grandfather said to me as I walked out of the door of his house. People say the he is a wise man and that he knows when something is going to happen or that he can read minds, but he's just a normal man.

He was born and raised in Tonga. He has three sons and three daughters. Some of them grew up to be wise and some of them still live with him. My dad was one of the wise ones, I think... My granddads he has a company and is doing great, anyway i'm getting off topic.
The point is that when you grow up be wise and if you are already grown up you know what to do...

This task was to ask someone of your family for some wise words and those are words that I remember asking him for. Remember be wise and don't get in trouble.

SLJ DAY 3: WOMEN’S RIGHTS Activity 1: The Right to Vote

Image result for prime minister jacinda ardern   

I think that our government hers truly the queen (Elizabeth II) should replace Kate Sheppard with our prime minister  Jacinda Ardern. The reason why I think this is because she has done a lot for the woman community and has been a great and striving leader for our country. she is the 40th prime minister of New Zealand and she has done a fantastic job. So that is why I think she should be on the 10$ bill.

This task was to think about a woman leader and explain why you would replace Kate Sheppard with that leader. I chose Jacinda Ardern because of her fantastic leadership.Would you have chosen somebody else?

Image attribution:
Jacinda Ardern Wikimedia commons.

SLJ DAY 2: TAKING ACTION Activity 1: A Long Walk to Freedom

Today I worked in the quarry nearly breaking my arms  while beating at the gravel. It’s hard being in prison thinking of my old life and trying not to get angry or upset. 

The prison guards here are strict and I miss my family very much. Each day being the same, waking up, with my back in pain and going out to the quarry and breaking the rocks into gravel. 

I hate it here, but I can’t complain, the ‘beds’ are horrible here, they are made of straw and are so uncomfortable. At least I have my studying to look forward to. At night I study to be a lawyer,and I enjoy it, it takes my mind off everything. 

Someday I will get out of this prison and live the life I deserve...

For this task we had to put ourselves in Nelson Mandela's shoes. We had to think about what it would be like to be in prison and have to sleep on flask and work all day.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

DAY 3: ENVIRONMENT & EXPLORATION Activity 1: The Rainman of Rajasthan

This task was to find out more about 'The Water Project', for Day 3 activity 1. 
The Water Project is a company that helps people in need of water have the resource of water they need. Here are the questions that the task asked:

What is the goal of the organisation?Their goal is to make every country in need of water 
have the resource to water that they need.

Where do they work?
They work all around the world.

What have they achieved?
They have achieved lots by going around the world an giving lots of clean water to the country's in need.

Here is the Link to the site of 'The Water Project'. Here is the Link to the video.

Giving and receiving feed back

This is my Giving and receiving feed back video that I made with my friends, Julianna, Finau and Angelica. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

SLJ Day 2 Activity 1: Faster than a speeding bullet

This is the first task for Day 2 of the Summer Learning Journey.  I had to make similes about famous people. Here is the task, CLICK HERE. Who is your favourite famous person?

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

SLJ Activity 2: Exploring Our Roots

This is my Pepeha that I made for the second task of day one ( Summer learning journey). I really liked making this and I hope that you like it as well. Here is the link to the Pepeha site. Link to the task.

Monday, 2 December 2019

SLJ Activity 1: New Zealand Royalty.

This is my first activity for the teaser week of SLJ.  This poster is all about the singer called 'Lorde'.
She is very talented and she got offered her first record deal at 13 years of age. Who is you favourite singer? Her is the task: LINK.
Image Attributions: image Attribution: Just Jared
iimage Attribution: Just Jared