Monday, 29 April 2019

Animation planner term 2

This is my animation planner for term 2. This term we are learning about latitude. In our animation we have to make a person go in the derection that we want them to go in. 

D'mic blog post 1

This is my D'mic blog post for week 1 of term 2. It is all about m and cm. This work on the white board is another groups work, but the work on the book is me and my groups work. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 12 April 2019

My Noni coming to Auckland!

If you are wondering who is “Noni”, well she is my nana. I call her Noni because I think it is a better name then nana. She came down today at 9.30, she landed at 10,30 because she was coming from Wellington. She arrived at my house at 11.30, when I saw her I was so happy and excited. We went out for the day and then we came back to my house. Here is a picture of her.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Extension reflection.

For the past term our year 5 and 6 extension group have been learning about the connection with eels and maramataka. We have been doing lots of cool things ,but one of my favourite things that we did was going to the eel tank at our school.

When we got to the eel tank we got to feed them. Two people have come to visit us to talk about the eels. One of them was Dave Cooper and Mahu. Mahu wasn't an expert on eels, but he did know quite a lot. Dave was an expert on eels he talked to us bout the eels and how they live.

Another one of my favourite things that we did was our eel animation. You can find that on my blog. It was very fun trying to create an animation about eels.

We did lots of activities, but those were my favourite. Extension is very fun, and this was my first term in it! Once again it was very fun.

Term 1 extension paideia.

This is my paideia for extension. My group was called the conservationists, we did research about all of the lakes, rivers and our ocean. I mostly concentrated on the pollution in the sea and how we can fix that. Hope you enjoy, please leave a comment on my blog.

D'mic blog post.

This is my d'mic blog post for this week.

Book Review

This is my book review.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Term 1 extension eel animation.

This is my extension eel's animation. Term 1, hope you enjoy. Here is my script.

Hi my name is Kiarah and this is my animation. It is all about the connection with eels and Maramataka. Hope you enjoy.

Eels live in a lake or river. When they want to spawn they swim to the pacific ocean near Tonga. Eels can lay up to 1-20 million eggs.

Good times to go eeling. Good times to go eeling is when the moon is not bright or big. The reason why is because eels don’t like the brightness of the moon because of there eyes.

Life cycle of eels. Once the adult eels lay their eggs they die because when they lay their eggs they can be 120 years old. When the eggs hatch the baby larvae come out and the they drift with the current back to New Zealand. When they get back to their lake or river they turn into glass eels.Years later they turn into elvers. Some more years later they turn into fully grown eels.

Bad times to go eeling. It is not a good time to go eeling when the moon is bright or big because the eels do not like the moonlight. Thank-you for watching feel free to leave a comment on my blog.

Reading activity.

This is my reading activity for this week. It has two books in it and one of the books is No Fangs and Fangs.Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

D'mic blog post 2

This is my D'mic blog post for this week. 

Team work explanation.

Today I am going to talk about why it is important to be able to work in a team. Working well in a team includes being able to listen and share ideas,communicate positively and include every one. It is important to work well in a team so that you can achieve your goals, be efficient and figure out what different skills and ideas people have.

One of the reasons why teamwork is important is that so you can achieve your goals. Achieving your goals is important because then if you are in school, college or work then you will get a promotion or you will get a good job. Also it is good to work in a team well trying to achieve your goals because then you can make up new goals and achieve those. I love achieving my goals, but sometimes I can only do that if I have somebody else to support me.

Another reason why teamwork is important is that so you can be efficient. Being efficient is really good because then you will go faster and get your work done. If you don’t work in a team then you won’t really be efficient. Other people like being efficient and so do I,but I have to work in a team and stick to the rules so we can work well.

The final reason why teamwork is important is that so you can see what different ideas and skills people bring. It is good to meet different people every time you get in a group because then you can see how the people communicate with you. People have lots of different skills and ideas so let them help you and let you help them. I really like meeting new people and maybe you do to so be nice and listen to their skills and ideas.

This piece of writing was all about why it is important to work in a team. I hope you understand why and work better in a team after you have read these tips.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Equivalent fractions.

This is my maths activity. It is all about fractions that are the same. Hope you enjoy.

Fun with fractions paper activity.

This is my math activity for this week. It is all about fractions. If you want to see the math paper problem CLICK HERE. Hope you enjoy.

Dangerous games.

This is my reading activity for week 8. We are learning to find information in the text that we are reading. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 1 April 2019

D'mic blog post.

This is my D'mic blog post for this week. It is all about fractions. I hope you enjoy. Here is the problem for my work if you want to see it CLICK HERE on slide 12.