Thursday, 26 October 2017


this is my math activity


i learnt that things don't always work.


This morning we got to play recorders. My teacher called Miss Davis, went to a school and her class played music every morning. She learnt to play the recorder and she thought that we might like it. Miss Davis said “Get into a circle and I will give you your recorder.” We all got into a perfect circle and sat patiently while waiting for our recorders. After we got our recorders everybody was so excited.

After everybody calmed down Miss Davis said “Okay, now we are going to try to learn five notes today.” First we learnt note D. To learn note D we had to put our left middle finger on the second hole, put our thumb under the back hole and we always have to put our right hand on the bottom of the recorder. It sounded like a bird that was getting eaten by a cat.

Then we learnt note C. To learn not C you have to do all the same things as note D but your thumb has to be on the back hole. Next  we got into groups and made some music. I was with my friends called Julianna, Keyana and Atawhai. I was so tired that when the recorders played I opened my eyes so fast.

Next we did some sharing, in sharing we had to do both of the notes and play them the right way. Lastly we put our recorders in a bucket with special cleaning stuff and then we walked out of the door to go to maori class.

Today I felt excited and angry. I felt angry because my ears hurt, it was so noisy and I was so so so so tired and annoyed. I was excited because I have never played a recorder and it was something new to learn.

I can’t wait to learn all the other notes because I am interested in playing the recorder. The recorder is a fun instrument to play.

Friday, 20 October 2017

new term

We walked sensibly to the hall  with our hands behind our backs and we were silent. When we got to the hall there was a crazy man, he was called Mr Jacobson he was wearing a big wig and a shirt with muscles painted on. When all of the classes were seated in the hall our principal, our  associate principal , Mr Somerville, Mr Wiseman and Mr Jacobson sang a song for our new term called musical madness.

Then we had our movies for our new term. First team one shared their performance. They played a game called snap all kinds of different songs. Some of them were sad, happy, scary, funny, angry and mean. So their movie was about when you have different  emotions when you play different songs.

The second team was team two. They did a performance. They sang a song called the Mighty Jungle. Miss Gaston was playing the ukulele, Miss Nalder was playing the bongo drums, Miss Tumahai  was playing a  xylophone and Miss peck was playing the  tambourine. They are going to make their own songs.

The third team was team three they made a movie about telling a story with lots of parts from different songs. It was a song conversation and my teacher called Miss Davis said “ I’m going to swing on the chandelier”


this is my math activity.