Tuesday, 20 September 2016


The coolest girl skater called Star went home after school one day, dropped her bag on the floor and went to the skate park. She had posters of famous skaters and a picture on her phone. She was so passionate about skating. When she got there she saw bulldozers and trucks, the skate park was teared to pieces. She felt so annoyed and sad. Then she cried and a builder laughed at her and said " Why are you crying?" "I'm crying because the skate park is busted " sobbed  Star. The builder said " We're just making a movie for fun! Don't cry !" Star was so relieved and happy that it wasn't really busted. She skated and skated until sweat  dropped from her forehead.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


One stormy day a teenage boy called Slinky was waiting for the bus in front of his house to go to Tuaranga, but the bus went past him because it didn't see him and he cried " Why!!!!!!!" But suddenly he remembered that his mum put a safety phone in his bag. After that he shouted "hip hip hooray hip hip hooray!!!" he rang his mother and said " Can you pick me up?" His mother said "Ok." Then he was so excited to go to Tauranga.