Wednesday, 3 January 2018


On Christmas we woke up and we saw a big tramp out of the window!! We were so happy, but there was a big sack of presents on the trampoline. In the sack there were four presents two for me and two for my brother. There were presents under the Christmas tree. My mum said " open the presents we got you first." I was so grateful that I got lots of gifts. My brother got a paw patrol zuma and a light up scooter from Santa and I got the monopoly game and some little hachtimals. We were so happy with our gifts.

Family day.

 Me and my aunt, cousin and brother went to the warehouse to get a slip n slide. We got some toys as well, I got a T-Rex wood puzzle and a Toy Story firgure. Then we went to countdown and got some lunch. After that we went to my aunties mums house and had lunch, finally we did the slip n slide and it was so much fun. Then we went to my house and had a swim. We bounced on the trampoline and went inside to play.

I had lots of fun with my family.