Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Catapult war!!!!!!

We had a war! Yesterday we made something so awesome, we made catapults because we were learning about energy. These are the things that you need to make a catapult. You will need, 6 popsicle sticks, Sellotape and pompoms. First you  stack four sticks like a pancake then you get sellotape and tape both of the ends of the pancake. The next step is to get the two other sicks and sellotape only one end of the two so it looks like a v. Finally you put the four sticks in between the v  and you are done. After that you put your pompom on the end  and that is called potential energy that means that it is waiting. Here comes the fun part.

The war started! Everyone went crazy they were screaming and running all over the place. My class were shooting each other and hiding under the tables. Our teacher Mr Moran was joining in too. He was getting shot, he started  crying like a baby. My friends Keyana, Julianna and I had a little war ourselves. We were hiding behind the couches and even one of my friends pretended to die. I was laughing at her because she looked hilarious.

After the war we had a competition to see who could get it close to the square our in the square. We went ten kids at a time. all of the kids in my class had a turn, but only  8 kids made it to the finals. In the first round Jermaine got a point. All the other rounds know body got it so Aaron and Jermaine won the competition.  It was so fun I felt so tired, hungry and happy it was the most fun ever.tea.

The energy starts as potential energy and then it transforms into kinetic energy. Then the kinetic energy transforms into gravitational potential energy when it falls.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Rube Goldberg writing

In my Rube Goldberg I have all the six simple machines.

First my ball (wheel) goes  down a inclined plane and knocks down the dominos (lever). The last domino has a string attached to it, witch stops the ball (wheel) ,but when the domino (lever) knocks over the ball (wheel) moves and goes through a tube (ramp). Then the ball (wheel) flies into a cup and the cup starts to go down because of the weight, there is a pulley that is holding the cup and blocking the ball (wheel) from going down. So when the cup goes down the ball (wheel) goes down the screw (swirly slide) and then comes out the other end and  knocks down the dominos (lever). The last domino (lever) knock the car (wheel) and the car starts to move, after that the car (wheel)knocks a watering can and the watering can waters some flowers and the water overflows and knocks a wedge over. After that the car in front of the wedge rolls down and lands on scissors (wedge) witch cuts the balloon, finally the balloon floats up and pops! Confetti comes out and there is a party.