Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Going to Tonga

In week 7 on Wednesday I went to Tonga with my aunt . Tonga was so beautiful and there was so much land, Tonga has lots of animals like pigs, dogs, birds and other animals. When I got on the plane it was so cool because it was so nice in the seats and there was a screen where you could play games, watch movies, watch tv shows and there was free lunch and breakfast. The flight was three hours long, but I think the flight was worth it. I played a game called the Incredibles escape the evil villain. It was very cool and you had to use your brain and fingers. Then I had breakfast, I had a juice box, a few pieces of cheese, a biscuit, a tray of chicken and pasta and last, but not least some water.

When we got to Tonga it was so hot even though it was raining! The big airport there was so small and everyone was crowded so tightly. It was so stinky in the airport because all of the passengers that were so sweaty and it was so yuck. It took so long to find a trolley to put all our stuff on it, but finally we found a trolley and our stuff and headed out the door. Me and my aunt called Ailine got into a rental car and went to our guest house. Tonga only has cold water because it is so hot there😓.

The first thing we did was have shower and it was so nice. Then we visited our family and they were so happy. The next day we went to take some photos and there were lots of rocks. We saw some cows and they had horns on their heads and they were so rough. The next day we went to the beach and the waves were so big that they carried you up so high that you nearly went under water instead of up. At the beach we had ice cream, cassava and turkey, it was so delicious. The last day we went to the markets and I bought some stuff for my family. The markets in Tonga were so different to our market. Then when we finished we went back to the guest house and packed up our stuff. When we got to the airport we said our fair wells and  went to check in and had some dinner. We got on the plane and waited until we could go on the screen. I watched a movie called buyer and the beast.  They delivered us some food to and lollies then we finally got back to Ne Zealand and I went back home and said "hi"to my family and went to bed.

Monday, 11 December 2017

2017 Prize Giving

Last week on Thursday we had our Junior Prize Giving. it was so cool watching all the dances and singing. My favourite dance was the year fours dance because it had lot's of actions and everyone was smiling and having fun. the year one's did a song. After team one team two went.

Team two did a dance and it was about christmas. lot's of people got prizes and they were very happy. Team three did a dance and it was a mix and it was very cool. I got a prize and a trophy for first academic. Other people got prizes as well. then it was team four they were the last dance. they had lot's of energy and it looked fantastisc I love it and the day was amazing.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Last week on Wednesday the whole school went to the Hoyts. I was a presenter with my friend Gabby. We went on the bus and it was so fun. The bus was going so slow and it was making sounds like this “Ba boof ba boof!!!!” Finally we got there, but me and Gabby got off first because we had to be there first with all the other presenters. In the Hoyts it was dark but not that dark.

When all of the lights went off everybody screamed so loud that my ears hurt. Some of the movies came on and then it was our turn Gabby was excited and I was nervous even though I did it last year. We got it all right and we were so happy. Our movie was so good that everybody was screaming. I loved all of the movies because they were so cool.

We presented again and it was so much fun the crowd was cheering and I was so proud. I was so hungry that I was starting to get hangry (hungry and angry). After we presented the second time we got on the bus with all the other children from team 3. On the bus I was buddies with my friend Angelica.

On the bus everybody was screaming and playing hand games. Finally we got back to school and it was lunch time. We sat down in the breeze and waited for all the other kids. All the other kids got there and we went to class. When we got to our classroom I rushed inside and quickly got my food.