Thursday, 24 June 2021

Topic 5 - Flower Power - Science

 Topic 5 - Flower Power

What are we doing:

  1. Know the parts of the flower and what they do and why.

  2. Be able to dissect a flower, arrange its parts and collate on an information sheet.

  3. Complete a scientific diagram of a flower.

  4. Be able to speak about the above.

Your thoughts on flower:

I like them, but sometimes they bring too many bugs. They are pretty and smell nice, but drop their petals everywhere.

What you have noticed about flowers:

They attract a lot of different bugs, but not just bees.

What you know:

Flowers provide lots of pollen.

Parts of the flower:

  1. Stigma-Male part of flower

  2. Style-long tube

  3. Anther-Holds pollen male cell

  4. Pollen tube

  5. Sepal-Green part on the bottom

  6. Thalamus-where you hold the flower

  7. Male Gametophyte

  8. Petal

  9. Ovule-Female part of flower

  10. Female Gametophyte

Education Chart Of Biology For Anatomy Of Hibiscus Flower Diagram Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 80712757.

Dissecting Hibiscus 


Cutting Board

Cutting tool/knife



Remove 1 petal

Remove sepals

Pinch sides bottom

Cut down center of line

Then pull out the pollen tube

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