Thursday, 1 July 2021

Topic 6 Science - Bubbles

 Topic 6 - Bubbles

Task 1

Science in Bubbles:

Liquid soap water/ Wand

Blow steady stream air

Layers of air layer of water between two layers of soap

Surround the air and keep it inside

Air helps float

Particle in water makes no bubbles 

Soap helps spread out

All same shape round water layer pull on air inside give bubble round shape

-Task 2-


  1. Caterpillar - make 1 bubble and make smaller bubbles on bottom

  2. Carousel - Make 2 medium sized bubble, small bubbles where bigger bubbles meet

  3. Cube Shape - 2 Medium sized bubble, 4 seet about same size, straw in middle and blow to make cube in middle


Pipe Cleaner - Medium - 4 Pipe Cleaners

Bubble Liquid


  • A set of scales

  • 250ml beaker

  • Calibrated syringe

  • Stirring rod


  • Table sugar

  • Glycerol

  • Kitchen detergent

  • Water


125ml water in beaker

Weigh 5 grams of sugar and mix until dissolved

Add 3mls of glycerol 

Add 10mls of dish wash 


(This isn't the experiment, just some fun things with the bubbles :) )

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