Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Chapter Review - The Race Across America

 Author: Elisabetta Dami

Title: The Race Across America

Genre: Fiction

This book is about Geronimo Stilton, a mouse that lives in New Mouse City. He runs the most Famouse (famous) News paper on Mouse Island, called “The Rodent's Gazette”. He goes on mysterious, dangerous and tyring adventures. In this book he goes on a bicycle race with his friend Bruce Hyena … Across AMERICA!

Chapter 1:

Geronimo had a stressful day at work and had finished at 6:00 pm, he was exhausted! When he got home he found a package at his front door-step. Geronimo was very excited to open it, but when he did he found… Handle-bars, for a bicycle?! Geronimo wasn’t the type to be sporty, so why would he need bicycle handlebars?... 

Prediction for Chapter 2:

The next chapter is named: “Two Pedals”. So I’m guessing that's for a bike. Maybe he gets another package which has another part of the bike in it.

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