Monday, 26 July 2021

Wellington Reflection

 2 weeks ago was the start of our term 2 - term 3 holidays. Now it is the end of our holidays, and a lot of us stayed home when others went places. I went to Wellington for the holidays and it was similar, but fun experience. My cousin Braxton, my brother Tevita, my Noni (Nana), and I went to Wellington for a week. We arrived on Tuesday and left on the Tuesday after. In this I am going to be sharing my activities from the time I was down there. 

Tuesday :

On Tuesday our plane left at 10:30 am, and we arrived in wellington at about 11:00 - 11:20 am. Obviously we went to my Nana's house, and had something to eat. After that we went op-shopping and grocery shopping. We had a couple hours of the day left so we just organised and unpacked. 

Wednesday :

On Wednesday we had a day at home, so we basically chilled from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm. When my nana's partner got home we went to BREWTOWN. This is a place where they brew/make beer, but instead of wasting old factories they put entertainment places. Places like trampoline parks, ice skating, arcades, paintball, cafe's and much more. We decided to go ice skating and trampoline park. We had Mc Donalds for dinner (it was delicious).


On this day we went to H2O Xtream! This is an awesome pool place where they have wave pools (every 30 minutes), kid pools, 3 hydro slides, warm and cold pool, lane pools, hot tub and even a cafe. We spent about 3 hours here and it was super fun. Going down the slides over and over again kinda made me dizzy, but it was worth it. 


On Friday we went to mitre 10, because my nana ordered 12 bags of bark... Anyway we planted some lavender in the mud/grass outside of the house. We also went to the park to have a play.. in the rain.


Saturday was Jumperama and Junglerama day. Jumperama is an indoor jump place, with 2 extra bouncy tramps, smaller tramps spread throughout, a basketball hoop, foam-pit and dodge-ball area. Junglerama is an Adventure playland, there are lots of slides ballpits and much more.


This day was another H2O Xtream day.


This was our last day in Wellington so we went to the police museum. We saw crime scenes, police outfits, fingerprint machine, broken car and much more descriptions about cases and police officers. 

I had a very fun week and hope to go in the next holidays :)

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