Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Art colouring book remake

School has ended, but we still need to fuel our brains by learning. So I will be doing the summer learning journey throughout the whole summer! This is a starter activity that I have done, there is a site called Art Colouring book which allows you to recolour famous paintings. I picked the painting above because even though it is very simple I chose it because I could be creative with the colours.  I hope you stay tuned for more activity's throughout the holidays. 


  1. Hi Kiarah,
    It's me Jade from school and I really like your art. It looks so much like the other one.
    From Jade

  2. Hey Kiarah!

    It's me Finau. Wow! I really like your artwork. When I first saw the picture and realised that you had to colour it in, I thought it was gonna be very difficult but when I first did it, it wasn't so hard. I don't know how you remembered the exacted picture and coloured it in because that's just hard and insane (in a good way). You are a genius! Keep up the good work Kiarah!

    From Finau:)