Friday, 22 February 2019

Going down the half pipe.

As I took my scooter out of the car, I was dripping with sweat because we were at the skatepark. I felt the sweat tickling my face and it smelt yuck. We were there for a reason.

We were there because I was trying to go down the half pipe.If you don’t know what a half pipe is then this is the sentence for you. A half pipe is a ramp and there is half a pipe on the top. The half pipe felt so smooth.

I walked up the ramp and was getting ready to go down.I felt my body shaking like there was an earthquake. I put one foot on the pipe and one foot on the scooter. I was so scared. I nearly peed my pants. I pushed off the pipe and that was it. I thought I was going to die. I screamed, but then I got to the bottom and I was alive! We put the scooters in the car and went home.

This is my recount for week 3. In this piece of writing I had to do one of the most scariest moments in my life. Hope you enjoy.

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