Thursday, 1 October 2020

Super Column: Nanogirl Manaiakalani Holiday Blogging

This is my 2nd project on the Manaiakalani Science Program that Nanogirl has created! It teaches you how to make all sort's of things, but this slide show is how to make a super column with paper and card!
I hope you enjoy while learning something new!


  1. Hi Kiarah,
    I love your slides and three oranges is a lot of weight to hold! You must have engineered a really strong structure!
    Thanks for explaining it so well in your video.

    1. Hi Nanogirl,
      I am so happy to see you have commented on my blog! Thank-you so much for the kind comment, I don't know if three oranges would be heavier than 3 rocks or 4!

  2. Hi kiarah love the awesome work and i loved the way how you explained it
    hope your having a great holiday.

    From latiana. best friend hehe