Saturday, 6 February 2021

Chapter 1 - Run for the hills Geronimo - Home Learning

 Author: Elisabetta Dami

Title: Run for the hills Geronimo

Genre: Fiction

This book is about Geronimo Stilton, a mouse that lives in New Mouse City. He runs the most Famouse (famous) News paper on Mouse Island, called “
The Rodent's Gazette”.

Chapter 1:

Geronimo had everything organized and was ready to go on a very relaxing vacation. He is a very busy mouse and can’t make time for vacations like these. 

He wanted the most relaxing vacation he could get so he headed off to his most trusted travel agency, “The Wander Rat”. At the front desk was Ms. Samantha Sweetpaws, she searched through vacation after vacation, but nothing suited. Then they found a box for boring mice going on boring vacations. 

They found the perfect place and the perfect hotel: The Golden Dreams Hotel in Black Hills. Ms. Samantha Sweetpaws booked Geronimo a first-class ticket. Now Geronimo was ready to go on his perfect relaxing vacation.

Prediction for Chapter 2:

I’m sure something bad will happen because the next chapter is called: Who?Who?Whooooo??. I think he’s boarding his flight in this chapter, maybe the bad thing is something to do with his fist-class seat? 


  1. Kia ora Kiarah,

    Well done for completing your homework! This sounds like an interesting story. Have you read many of the Geronimo Stilton books?

  2. Hi Miss Stone!
    Yes, I have read many Geronimo Stilton books, they are some of my favourites. Thank-you for the comment and can't wait to come back to school.
    From Kiarah