Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Kawa of Care - Looking after our Chrome-books

We have been in Level 3 for 2 days know and we are going over the rule's of how we need to follow the kawa of care. This means looking after our chrome-books, and making sure that we are being cyber-smart. There will be tasks for us to complete every week. Please leave a positive comment on my blog and stay safe!



  1. Kia ora Kiarah,

    What an awesome post! Could you please comment on the Cybersmart Challenge blog and share a link to this post? It would be great for Mr Goodwin and Mrs Grant to see it.

    1. Kia ora Miss Stone,
      I did it just now! Thank's for telling me, and thank's for the comment. It was good to see you today, thank-you!
      From Kiarah

  2. Nice job Kiarah. I think we can definitely trust you to follow the Kawa of Care. Nice job on PENN also :)

  3. Thank-you Mr Goodwin, can't wait for the next challenge :)